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(Lyrics: Morten, Music: FRV)    

I could be under your seat,
I could be in your plane,
Maybe I am in your car,
Or in a crowded train.
I can´t help what I´m doing,
I´m only a machine,
But I´m the ticking death,
The real horror dream.

I´m small, I´m quiet, I´m silent,
A package you won´t find,
Just waiting for the moment,
To blow away your mind.
I´m a coward without dignity,
I´m insidious and mean,
So I´m the perfect image,
Of the asshole that built me.

I´m only a few wires,
A clock a battery,
And what is most important,
A pack of TNT.
I just have one mission,
And that is to kill you,
You may ask by whom, for what,
I don´t have any clue.

I don't make any difference,
Whatever you have been,
Your sexe, age your religion,
Or the colour of your skin,
Make sure I'm not around you,
'cause I always have the bent,
To kill as much as possible,
And all are innocent

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